Hope Family Support Group Ipswich now has a facebook page. To locate the page please search in facebook for 'Hope Family Support Gruop Ipswich'


The page is open to all, addicts as well as families, friends and colleagues of addicts. Within the page there is also a closed group, which is completely private and can only be accessed by adding John at Hope as a friend.


20th September 2014

It is sometime since I last wrote on this news page, the reason being there has been a slow start to the group. Having spoken to many professionals. I am told it is quite normal and could take 6 months to a year before it becomes established.

There are several contributing factors which cause this slow uptake ;

The shame and stigma felt by people coping with a drink dependent person in their life. Everyone in this situation suffers these emotions and more, and that is why the group exists, it brings people together to share a common difficulty. To learn ways to cope and to learn methods which may encourage the dependent person to seek help. No one judges you or probes into anything you do not wish to speak about, it is up to you. No one tells you what to do, you take information given freely by others and decide whether or not it is useful in your circumstances.

It may be difficult to leave the house when meetings are run due to child care or a spouse or relation who questions where you are going.

I understand that these are only three reasons and there are more. If you are having difficulty attending meetings please phone me, we can discuss ways and means of arranging help provided by other organisations in Ipswich.



Help and support for the families of drugs and alcohol users.


15th April 2014

  1. The group's first meeting is scheduled to take place at 7pm on Wednesday 4th June 2014. This meeting is expected to be a very informal affair to allow people to meet and chat. There will be an introduction to the structure of future meetings and an opportunity for each person to introduce themselves to the others.
  2. Refreshments will be available, I hope.
  3. Leaflets are at the printers and should be available on 17th April.
  4. Spotlight and In Touch, both local free magazines have agreed to run a feature on the group. They will be included in May and June issues.