*HOPE* is a Help and Support Group for people affected by someone else’s drug/alcohol abuse. Our aim is to Help Other People Endure the changes to their life this has brought about.


We are an informal group sharing the problems we are experiencing because someone is taking drugs or drinking too much, be it drinking more alcohol every day than is safe , drinking heavily every day or binge drinking at any time.


Anger, fear, guilt, disgust, sadness, despair, confusion are some of the emotions experienced when you are in this situation. Frequently you may believe it has something to do with you and you blame yourself for allowing it to happen.


One thing you can be certain of, the person who may be your spouse, partner, child, other relation or friend will find any excuse to use the substance of choice. For example they may say it is because of you they are drinking, or the drugs are recreational and it is under control. Life's problems can be sorted out without adding drugs and alcohol. All it does is add to the problems.


Can you persuade a person to drink less or stop drinking?

The hardest thing to accept is that you cannot do anything, say anything or threaten anything that will persuade a person away from their substance. There is only one person who can do it and that is themselves. They must decide when enough is enough and admit they need help.


There is no magic pill or formula to make this happen, just hope, knowledge and the support of other people.


If a person who is using is unwilling to get help, what can you do about it?


Together we can help you to cope with the substance dependant person in your life.


Together we can provide you with knowledge and guidance to start the process of convincing the dependent person to seek help and better still, talking with other people just like you.


We can supply information about other groups and individuals who can offer specialist help.




If an substance dependent person is unwilling to get help, what can you do about it?